The picture could be a mouse in a cage that looks like heaven. A rabbit building its burrow.

A theatre play performed and written by the gods

A room full of poets all listening to each others thoughts

A musician in a forest listening to the sound of the breeze and breath. Life in its purest form.

A plant that consciously witnesses the self growth control of a human being just as a plant. A universal understanding of the playfulness in its utmost density

A need for experience

A need for assistance to stay in existence of the experience

Existing the Existence 

Essentially this

Essentially needing this

To need or life?

To life the need

To life and need

The need is reflection

The living the projection


The need is viewing living

The living is simply consciousless

My little muse

She may be surprised to know, but she is well ahead of her game. Therefore when one sees that this is the case, one is forced to notice and be influenced by this very fact more than one could have imagined. This very fact has become one of the biggest impacts on ones creative path. The meaning of a muse has become intirely by one. One could say.

well into the future

I wound up throwing myself in the deep end again. Realized it was no different to yesterday. Read a book about it. It prepared me for the harsh truth of it. Watched a film about it. Theoretically showed me the realness of it. Here I am now reflecting on it. The honest thought at this moment is to live with it. What am I talking about?? Remind future Dan to not think too hard about it.